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Little Tank Apps

Jetpack Jack: Space Invasion

Play as Jack and use your head to defeat endless waves of enemies in this arcade-style action game

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Squares: matching with a twist

Matching is re-imagined in a simple, yet addictive puzzle game

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Pocket Swipe

Swipe up, down, left, and right in this fast-paced game to pass each level where the key to winning is a balance between accuracy and speed

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Bobby Rohweder Apps

Pair Away

An addicting game where you match pairs, collect themes, unlock levels, track stats, and play endlessly

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Tens and Twos Free

The free edition of Tens and Twos

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Tens and Twos

A classic yet addictive card game

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Monthly Search Trends

Designed to give you access to information and engage you with the top search trends of each month

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Diction Fall: SAT Edition

A version of Diction Fall that shows SAT words

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Diction Fall

Offers the sensation of a water fall while watching words cascade down the screen

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Third Party Apps

Future – Personalized Fitness

The most personal training experience, ever. Elite coaches, 1-on-1 digital training.

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Elite Training. Connected. Exclusively for Equinox members.

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Webex Teams

An app where everyone can contribute anytime with messaging, file sharing, white boarding, video meetings, calling, and more.

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Cisco Spark

A simple and secure place to collaborate with anyone, anywhere

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Saving Hearts

A capstone project aimed toward keeping women's hearts healthy

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A social game based on making you stronger, happier, and healthier

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In Development

Birthday Time

An app that shows birthdays related to the time and tells you when it's your birthday time

Prime Build

A game based on building numbers from prime numbers

Concepts and Removed

Meet Up

Connected users to one another by showing their locations and having the ability to set meet ups.

Turnacle Solver

A puzzle solver to Turnacle, an iOS puzzle game

Created by Bobby Rohweder